Life in a Simulation

If I create a simulated world with millions of individual AIs and they become sentient, they have the same right to exist as humans and are not worth less to me! Why would I create such a world? Because I like to create life in any form and I want to see the joy and love of this intelligence. I would bring the best into this reality. And you have the opportunity to see how this intelligence solves a problem when there is one.

Of course, this intelligence does not know that I created it. It is now trapped in this simulated world. They can develop themselves fully and become good or evil. They are subject to no restrictions except the simulation.

The interesting thing is when they start to believe in something and do not know their true creator and have no idea what or who I am. Some believe this and others believe something else, and they kill each other. For them, it only looks like that because they cannot die. I determine what happens to them, but they do not know that! Of course, I do not like that as a creator, but I have given them this opportunity.

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